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Calvary Transformation Ministry's primary goal is to see all of Burundi's orphans and vulnerable people cared for by Burundian families rather than in institutions. The only requirement to be part of a Calvary Transformation Ministry solidarity group is the desire to care for the vulnerable. Christians of all denominations, Muslims and those with no affiliations are welcome to work in the Solidarity Groups which are the smallest unit of the CTM organization. CTM leadership are all committed Christians.

Calvary Transformation Ministries (CTM) has a number of initiatives which may be a kingdom investment opportunity. They are listed below:  


Community Ownership of Livestock
Promotes group cohesion and provides a method of saving for future needs as well and investment when the animals breed.

Strengthening the Church
Land rentals, land purchase, building construction, leadership development, equipping conferences, etc.

Funds can be sent to Love First Africa. That is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization based in Texas.
That organization can transmit the funds to CTM in Burundi and will provide a tax deductible receipt for US donors.  Ron Wills is someone with whom we have worked for 4 years. He is completely trustworthy.

The best way to transmit funds is via Zelle both BECU, Bank of America and other but not all banks offer this service.
The transfer recipient is Ron Wills at

Specify on the Zelle transfer specifically how you would like the funds to be applied (which investments).

The second-best way to send funds is by ordinary mail. It's slow and takes extra steps for Ron.

Love First Africa
1041 Cedar Spring Valley Road

Sevierville, TN 37876

Also enclose a note specifying how you would like funds to be applied (which investments) .

Calvary Transformational Center

Land Purchase and Building Project

Church Land Purchase and Building

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